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A way to enjoy another face of Miyajma; "Nana-ura Meguri", a tour to visit seven shrines along Miyajima by a private yacht

Speaking of Miyajima, most of you would imagine O-torii gate in Itsukushima shrine. It is about only 1 km from Miyajima Port, the entrance of the island, to Itsukushima Shrine on Miyajima Island, but the island’s outer circumference is about 30 km. It may be bigger than you can imagine. The town area in Miyajima you see may be full of people. Then, what's in the rest of the area in the island where many tourists don't go? Itsukushima Shrine is a place where God is enshrined. It is said that the god enshrined now searched around the island to find a good place to build a shrine before deciding the location of the current Itsukushima shrine. People gradually started to go around the island and visit the shrines in the seven ura (coves), just as following the action this god took. This is the origin of " Nana-ura Meguri " meaning visiting seven coves. By the way, if you try to complete " Nana-ura Meguri " - visiting all seven shrines-, you have to approach fro
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<Online Experience> True Stories of Atomic Bomb Survivors (in Hiroshima)

It is a hard thing to ask about what the Atomic Bomb survivors experienced, even if it is between the families, since it is something that needs enough willpower to speak out. Some atomic bomb survivors started to disclose their personal stories in order not to blame anybody but to convey their mutual message to the world; "No more victims and sufferers of nuclear weapons". One tour guide, who is a second-generation of atomic bomb survivors, got that opportunity to hear directly from the survivors through her job of interpretation. The Online Experience is provided by this guide, who wants to share the messages from the survivors that she received in that valuable opportunity. The contents in these stories are approved by the survivors. Click the calendar below to book or learn the program more. View On Airbnb

Hiroshima is also called as the City of Water. Enjoy the river while feeling the nature in the historic area. [Water bikes, SUISUI]

Did you know that Hiroshima is also called as the City of Water? The well-known Atomic Bomb Dome is also located in the river delta. Six rivers flow through the city, and streetcars across many bridges as they run around between west and east. Since the time Hiroshima was grown as a city, the lives of the people in the area have been with the river. Therefore, we would like everyone, who visits Hiroshima for sightseeing, to get more familiar to Hiroshima by enjoying through the river that is inseparable to us. Here is one of the best ways to do so. Please try "Water Bikes, SUISUI". This water bike is not motorized; you move it forward by pedaling. The plan includes a river cruise of about 20 minutes. Enjoy a river cruise from Peace Memorial Park to the place where SUISUI is located first, then start water-biking. You can see people relaxing on the shore, or you can see beautiful cherry blossoms stand along the river, depending on the

"Asageshiki" Mount Futaba trekking tour; breakfast bento while viewing a superb panorama included.

Wouldn't it nice to enjoy a delicious breakfast while viewing the city of Hiroshima and the Seto Inland Sea after climbing up to a small mountain (Mount Futaba, 139 meters above sea level)? Many tourists obtain the image of a "beautiful city" after visiting Hiroshima. In 1945, the city certainly became scorched land; but since then, it has been through a remarkable reconstruction and has been developed into a city full of greenery. Let's go trekking to a spot where you can overlook the city of Hiroshima, and enjoy meal with your trekking mates. The meal eaten outside after exercising should be exceptionally delicious. Bento Bento for Vegetarians and Vegans History of the destination Route Notes Terms and Conditions of participation Reservation Meeting Point History of the destination The starting point is "Hiroshima Toshogu" -広島東照宮-, which locates about 8-minute walk from Hiroshima Station. Speaking of

History of “OKONOMIYAKI”, Hiroshima locals’ signature food

Okonomiyaki , which the tourists who visit Hiroshima cannot leave without eating, is actually a food that is deeply related to the reconstruction after World War II. - Relationship with the U.S. - Easily cooked atop a hot teppan plate - The shops naming "(some name)-chan” - Summary Relationship with the U.S. There had been a serious food shortage during the war in Japan. And after the war, food supplies were provided by the U.S. government as a part of the food relief program. In the aid, lots of flour were included, especially. Therefore, people started to cook flour with water to bake thin batter, with which cabbages and bean sprouts that were cheap and easily available were eaten together. We can tell that it took a while for okonomiyaki to reach to the current style, called “Niku-tama-soba”. (niku: pork, tama: egg, soba: Chinese noodle, all contained) Easily cooked atop a hot teppan plate! At the time in Hiroshima, there were man

Hana no Mawari-Michi (Cherry Blossom Viewing in Hiroshima)

Do you think you missed the best season of cherry blossom in Japan? It's too early to get depressed. You may still make it in time! For "Hanami", which is indispensable in spring in Japan, people often enjoy a very popular kind of cherry tree called “Somei Yoshino (Yoshino cherry)”. But here we introduce about viewing “Yae-zakura”, one of the cherry blossom kinds, which blooms a little later than Yoshino cherry. Yae-zakura, in Kanji, it is written as "Eight-overlapping cherry blossoms", and the petals are piled up in multiple layers, making it a more gorgeous variety than Yoshino cherry. Here are about about 60 varieties, 220 in total of Yae-zakura trees, and it's just a sight to see. Well, where do you think the venue is? This is at Hiroshima Branch of Japan Mint, an Incorporated Administrative Agency of the Japanese government and is responsible for producing and circulating the coins of Japan. The Japanese coins in your wallet may have been produced

Recommended app for traveling in Japan "Japan Official Travel App"

You don’t want to cram your smartphone with many apps when traveling to Japan? -We agree with it. If you choose one app to download, we would recommend “Japan Official Travel App” provided by Japan National Tourism Organization (JNTO). This app is for free and Services below are included; ・regularly updated articles and information about tourist spots in Japan. ・Route search covers all means of public transportation including Japan Rail (JR), subway lines, airlines, taxis and ferry service. (Route Search is compatible with JR Pass.) ・Facilities near the user's current location can be easily found on the map. ・For Safety Assistance feature, there are alert notifications that warns of natural disasters, extreme weather and other emergencies. For details and download: