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Due to the ongoing situation with COVID-19(Coronavirus), the events originally scheduled for 2022 may be postponed or cancelled.
Please check the original website before you actually schedule them.


HIROSHIMA ORIZURU TOWER is a facility standing right next to the Atomic Bomb Dome. From its "HIROSHIMA HILLS", its roof observation deck, you can enjoy the view of the Peace Memorial Park and Hiroshima City.  It also offers a variety of unique experiences as well as cafés and a souvenir shop for people of all ages to enjoy. At the ORIZURU SQUARE on its 12th floor, visitors can experience various digital attractions using avatars and fold origami paper cranes to drop them into "ORIZURU WALL" which is the symbol of ORIZURU TOWER. Why don't you join us and drop your own folded ORIZURU into the "ORIZURU WALL"? Enjoy the special experience that only the ORIZURU TOWER can offer. Don't worry if you have never folded origami before, because there is a web application available in multiple languages instruction how to fold origami paper cranes. On the east side of the building, there is a nine-story spiral walkway called "Sampo&q
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How deeply Hiroshima is related to carp, or koi, can be seen in the name of its professional baseball team, Hiroshima Toyo Carp, the carp castle, the alias of Hiroshima Castle, and the fact that there is a town named Koi (the large residential area in Hiroshima City) .  Hiroshima has long been known as one of the two major Nishikigoi (the carp that have colors and patches and are raised as ornamental fish )- producing areas in Japan. One Koi farmer has a history that dates back even more than a century ago. Konishi Koi Farm is the world’s oldest Nishikigoi breeding farm.  In recent years, its name has been found in a German guidebook "REISE-KNOW-HOW" as well as in JAPAN HOUSE in Sao Paulo, established as a Japanese national project.  Konishi Koi Farm has also donated the Nishikigoi swimming gracefully around in the moats of Hiroshima Castle or in the pond in Shukkeien Garden, a traditional Japanese garden in the city. Not only do they have a long history, but they

Numaji Transportation Museum -Hiroshima City Transportation Museum-

Numaji Transportation Museum ‐Hiroshima City Transportation Museum- is one of the few museums in Japan where visitors can see, touch, and experience the history of vehicles and transportation.  There are more than 2,000 models from all ages and cultures on display which allow visitors learn about the technology and history of aircrafts, ships, railroads, and automobiles, and a huge panorama with a diameter of 20 meters. There are also actual exhibits such as the Hiroshima Electric Railway series 650 Car No. 654, an A-bombed streetcar. The museum also features a driving simulator, hands-on exhibits, and craft workshops. There are also very unique bicycles and carts to ride in the outdoor plaza. Museum Information ・Opening hours  9:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. Admission to the exhibition room (2nd-4th floors) and ticketing for unique bicycles until 4:30 p.m. *Closed on Mondays (For national holidays on Monday, the museum is opened and the following weekday is closed instead) , year-end and New Ye

Capture the memories of your trip with drone photography! -Miyajima Cruise and Photo shooting from the sky!-

Traveling to Miyajima, the sacred island registered on the UNESCO World Heritage list, is not something you can do many times in your life. When you have a chance to visit the island, why not make it more special one at an affordable price? This program offers the set of “cruise and photo shooting” around Miyajima Island! The feature of this activity is that this cruise is private and chartered only for your group, and the photo shooting is from the sky, using a drone -a compact flying robot-, so you can take memorable pictures containing you, the ocean, and the island at a time. You can receive the data via Email so it does not bother your baggage. What is more, you can customize your own plan. First, the duration of the cruise is up to you. The simplest course takes about 2 hours, but if you think of spending some time looking around Miyajima Island, choose a 3 or 6-hour course. (The price is subject to change depending on the total length.) Second, the departing point is NOT one fix

Cycling the Tobishima Kaido

When you hear the words "Setouchi Cycling," all you imagine is the "Shimanami Kaido"? With many islands in the sea of Hiroshima as well as many bridges spanning them, the area is full of places suitable for cycling. Here, we would like to introduce the Tobishima Kaido (Tobishima Sea Route). The Tobishima Kaido can be accessed from Kure City, which is closer to Hiroshima City than Shimanami Kaido. The route includes seven bridges of various sizes connecting the mainland with seven islands, and the shortest distance is about 30 kilometers. Of course, it can be made shorter if you prefer. The name of "Tobishima" came from the "stepping stones", which you can find in Japanese gardens placed to adjust to people's stride for walking; it represents the islands scattered like stepping stones in the sea. One of the highlights of

Hiroshima Weather Information

Hiroshima is comparatively warm and is one of the areas that has the most clear-days in Japan. Data: Japan Meteorological Agency , 2021 June - July From mid-June through late July, Hiroshima is in rainy season. July - September After the rainy season, it is most likely to be very hot and humid until mid-September; we ask you to stay hydrated enough to prevent heat stroke. Locals often use parasols to keep themselves out of the sun, which is recommended for travelers, as well. Also, August and September are known for the typhoon season in Japan. When typhoon is approaching or hitting the area you travel, please take care of yourself, and pay more attention to the traffic information of trains and Shinkansen. December - March From December through February is it the winter season. It is rare that we have snow along the southern coast, but when it snows, please try to check the latest traffic information. In some part of the mountainous area in northern part of Hiroshi

Kinsuikan, a 120-year-old ryokan in Miyajima

For 120 years, Kinsuikan has been a part of the history of Miyajima, as it continuously considers how a ryokan should be to meet changing times. The Kinsuikan is a ryokan that helps you make memories of your trip in Miyajima. It stands facing the sea, right in the middle between getting off the pier and on the way of visiting Itsukushima Shrine. Looking out over the sea, you can see the Otorii gate of Itsukushima Shrine to the west, and this makes you truly realize that you are in Miyajima, while relieving the fatigue of your trip. It is also a good idea to purify yourself in one of the few Onsen on the island before visiting Itsukushima Shrine. -  History -  Onsen (hot springs) -  Guest Rooms -  Cuisine -  Tips for a relaxing stay -  Extra information -  Access -Reservations History Kinsuikan was built in 1902 as a ryokan (Japanese inn) along the seafront with a view of the Otorii gate of Itsukushima Shrine. In addition to being r